an art installation

Exterior & Underwood Lobby, Gibson Center for the Arts
supported by SANDBOX, Washington College's initiative for interdisciplinary collaboration merging art and science

Knots+Light blends technical aspects of art and aesthetic aspects of science to create an installation intricately informed by both disciplines. Using knotted circles and theatrical lighting fixtures, this piece explores the relationship between three-dimensional objects and their two-dimensional projections. In three vignettes, the audience sees examples of different knots that cast the same shadow, a single knot casting two different shadows, and additive color mixing in two and three dimensions.

The artists are Assistant Professor of Drama Laura J. Eckelman and Assistant Professor of Mathematics Heather M. Russell. Professor Eckelman is a theatrical lighting designer whose projects range from classical drama to contemporary performance art. Professor Russell is a mathematician who studies knot theory, combinatorics, and geometric topology.

photos by Heather Russell